Tender Lifecycle Management

Mattelli's tender lifecycle management products allow you to retain insight and control over all your active tenders. Designed to ease the transition from pre-signature negotiations through to a live and active agreement.


Monitor progress with dashboard views of all enterprise wide tendering activities: understand the total potential value of what is being worked upon, and at what state each negotiation is at.


Agreement Lifecycle Management

Manage all aspects of your agreements:

  • Award after tender
  • On-going operational management
  • Renewal and cost management
  • Agreement document management
  • Track savings and concessions secured
  • Record key agreement contacts to know who to go to about what


Compliance Assistants

Our expert compliance engines are a unique solution to a problem that a growing number of organisations face about some basic agreement compliance questions, especially in respect to Oracle software. These compliance assistants have encoded within them years of experience from software licensing subject matter experts.


They have an innovative approach in helping organisations understand their compliance position by adding significant value and relevance to the exercise by incorporating other key license and contextual information. It is value far in excess of the basic "numbers game" of traditional compliance solutions.


Tender lifecycle management


Agreement Lifecycle Management