Methodology allows from simple to complex levels of detail to be recorded for each agreement.


Product stock management features to allow you to manage and control surplus stock: reduce capital expenditure.


Manage terminations in good time and reduce the risk of stranded and unnecessary cost.


Prepare, review and approve budgets for all agreements within your portfolio.


Consider automated integration with your existing ERP systems to maintain one version of the truth.


Manage your costs from initial purchase, and before with the tender management.


Automated on-going renewal costs via automated emails, calendar appointments and exception reporting.


Internal cost allocations, billing and recovery management: understand the software costs for your service lines, business areas, departments, directorates.


Cater for temporary corporate entities such as projects or programmes.


Flexible management: you decide the level of organisational detail that best suites how to manage your costs.


automated renewals

Emails, calendar events
and exceptions
automatically created to
reduce the risk of
you missing costly
termination opportunities

renewal workflow

Dashboard views of all your active renewals

Track progress through the renewal cycle

Manage work across your renewals team

What If Analysis

Try modelling against different pricing structures

See if you have more negotiation leverage than you may think with vendors