Compliment Your Own Proposition Portfolio

The Mattelli solution can integrate with partner products and services. For example, where your proposition portfolio may lack agreement management or software asset management solutions and services. Mattelli will underpin your existing offerings and help create new ones to bring additional value to your client base.


Mattelli work with partners across all sectors who provide complementary solutions to create an expanded, mutually beneficial marketplace. The Mattelli Partner Programme is ideal for organisations looking to extend their reach and broaden their solution portfolio. As a Mattelli partner, your focus will include:


  • Create additional pull-through revenue streams based on your existing client services and products
  • Desire to diversify and expand your business
  • Increasing ROI for your existing hosting infrastructure


We will work closely together in business development activities such as leads, joint marketing, cross-training, pre and post sales support. By leveraging each other's brand and solutions to recruit new channel partners and pull-through end-user sales, it's a win-win for everyone.



White-label Service, Your Branding

Your own branded services and solutions for your clients, powered by Mattelli technology...

Become a Mattelli Partner

There are a number of partner program models available to ensure a best fit between your business, your clients and Mattelli. Become a Mattelli Partner today and extend the reach and success of your organisation.


Please contact us for more information.



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