Mattelli partners with BDNA to offer full license audit and review services


December 2010


Mattelli is delighted to announce its partnership with BDNA, the IT Genome Company™, to offer full license audit and review services. This is the bringing together of two unique propositions where the sum of these two halves is greater than the whole:


  • Capability of BDNA to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure content, inventory and analysis, complimented by an extensive technology fact base.


  • Mattelli's complete software agreement, license management, product management and Compliance Engines to help organisations assess their software compliance position


Mattelli's integration with BDNA’s extends the potential uses of its foundational fact base and the new partnership presents a key strategic benefit for anyone using Oracle and Microsoft products.


Mattelli’s Managing Partner Gary Woodcock is pleased with the new partnership and commented: “We chose to partner with BDNA because it has the best toolset to discover Oracle and Microsoft products installed on a clients network. And when you combine it with the Mattelli Unity toolset, which has the best compliance engine and asset management functions on the market, it gives organisations the ability to manage changes to the asset register online, enable processes to manage software deployment, and also the lifecycle of the software assets. The partnership offers organisations a good return on investment and peace of mind in ensuring they are legally compliant.”


He added: “Not only does the partnership offer a clear licence audit strategy but it also allows our clients to understand and enable key IT governance policies such as ISO and ITIL, which can represent significant savings as a result of licence pooling, licence reuse, application and project de-commissions. This partnerships makes license optimisation a reality!”


Paul Winters, UK Country Manager for BDNA commented on the new partnership: “Managing software assets and ensuring organisations are legally compliant when it comes to licensing is vital, and even more so during times of economic uncertainty. Our toolsets, such as BDNA Discover™ and BDNA Normalize™, can really help to provide organisations with discovery information, and the ability to get the most from their IT Management software investment by normalising and enriching the data they receive. “Mattelli has a niche understanding in the asset and licence management space, and its solid history, skills and knowledge is invaluable to our clients. With its track record in this sector, we believe that the new partnership strongly complements our offering. It ensures that we can provide our clients with a complete licence audit and review service.”


For further information:
Gary Woodcock
Tel: 01625 425 839


Mattelli & BDNA in partnership